World War 1 Memories

World War 1 Memories – Many people will have seen an article on yesterday’s T.V (24th Feb). News concerning the use of The White Feather during WW1.

It was reported that a retired Army Officer suggested that women give a white feather to any able-bodied young man not in uniform. This resulted in so many men being accused of cowardice that a medal had to be issued stamped with the words “Reserved Occupation”.

This brought back the memory when one of the Surfers was told her Uncle had been given a White Feather. He face had been splashed with a corrosive liquid and his vision was obviously impaired – but a woman still handed him a White Feather.

He was so upset that he enlisted almost immediately. His unit was posted to the front line and Uncle John was killed just a couple of weeks later. In fact he and some of his comrades were literally blown up and no remains were ever found.

All because someone handed him a White Feather!

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