We are the Silver Surfers

We are the Silver Surfers
We are the Silver Surfers and we come here ever week
We do not come for fun and games. It’s knowledge that we seek.

The teachers are so helpful and when we ask, they will
Put right our wrongs and errors. They impress us with their skill.

The Internet’s a puzzle, confused is what I am
I do not know what some words mean and what on earth is SPAM???

“It’s easy, Mum”, my daughter says, “You just engage your brain.” But at the ripe old age of seventy-eight brain cells are on the wane.

I only ever wanted to write letters to my friends.
But now upon the Internet Education never ends.

Last week I found out all about Australia’s lush red wine,
And a “tad, tatty” stag’s head —– I think I’ll go off-line!!!!

And when I reach the Pearly Gates, St. Peter’s going to say,
“Can you compute? You CAN! Well done!
You’re the first one in today!”

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