Update Tuesday 26th February 2013

Richard Briers R.I.P.
How sad to learn of the death of Richard Briers.
We remember him fondly as Tom Good in ‘The Good Life’ with Felicity Kendal. Penelope Keith was such a good foil in that series. There was also his time in Monarch of the Glen as the Laird who didn’t want to move into the 20th century.

He was such a versatile actor and although the Surfers didn’t see him on stage his performances in Shakespeare plays brought him much praise. There was apparently a good-natured argument with Kenneth Brannagh as to who had the quickest diction when they each played Hamlet!

He will be much missed!

The Horsemeat Scandal
This scare is spreading across Europe and there seems no end to the scare stories.

While we can accept that horsemeat in itself is not harmful to humans, it’s the underhand way in which some traders have been slipping it into meat dishes that offends. The Surfers have never knowingly eaten horse but don’t really fancy it being slipped into food products. Reading the latest reports, Ikea are now the latest large retailer to take products, specifically meatballs ‘off the menu’ because they are suspect.

Even nations which do eat horsemeat must now be wondering if they have been ingesting the possibly fatal-to-humans drug ‘Bute’.

We have decided to stick to chicken and fish!!!

The Rugby!
‘Kelly’s heroes conquer Ireland’ – or so one of the Edinburgh papers said at the weekend.

It was great to see a Scottish team scoring a victory. One of the Surfers watched the game and reported that ‘the first half wasn’t spectacular’ but they then scored enough points to beat Ireland by 4 points. Keep up the winning streak lads.

The Surfers missed the inside knowledge of our departed friend Margaret Peat who must have been Scotland’s most devoted fan(atic) and we could always expect a blow by blow critic of every Scotland game she attended.

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