Tuesday 13th Jan 2015

French Terror Attacks – Almost everyone must have felt utter revulsion at the horrific atrocities which took place in France last week.  Seventeen people were murdered and then the terrorists themselves were shot – and all under the guise of religion.  But to see and hear about the extraordinary rallies which took place in so many different countries in sympathy with the victims, was truly wonderful.   

The French Government had more  than 50,000 armed police and military – including rooftop snipers – but thankfully everyone taking part was in sympathy with Charlie Hebdo (Je suis Charlie) and there were no



TESCO – Last week’s headline said that small village shops were feeling the pinch when Tesco (and other supermarkets) opened ‘local’ shops. This week’s headline would infer  that supermarkets are getting their ‘comeuppance’ with the news that  Tesco are closing 43 non-profitable outlets.


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