The Willow Tea Rooms

Residents and visitors of and to Glasgow will have noted with interest that this Tea Room (quite wrong to refer to it as a ‘restaurant’) has been saved from destruction and has re-opened in all its Charles Rennie Macintosh splendour.

The Tea-Rooms, in Sauchiehall Street, which were opened in 1904, had suffered roof and structural damage which required megabucks to repair. A new trust has been set up by Celia Sinclair, a commercial property developer and a trustee of Glasgow Art Club, and the property has been repaired and restored.

One of the Surfers, born in Glasgow, can remember a family outing to this wonderful place and being dressed in what was then called ‘Sunday Best’.

It was such a special place, with special attention to each customer (even wee girls) and the lovely and enticing tiered cake stands with selections of sandwiches, scones and cakes – all of which had to be eaten in strict order! No skipping the sandwiches to get to the ‘goodies’. Glasgow is to be commended on this project – and the Surfers feel this is a move in the right direction, which Edinburgh could perhaps follow?

So dear reader, what was or perhaps still is, your favourite place for that ‘nice’ tea and cake?

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