Surfers’ Round Up – Tuesday 7th October 2014

Surfers’ Round Up – Tuesday 7th October 2014

Linda Bellingham – The Surfers this morning watched this brave woman on tv telling how she was coping with terminal cancer. She has written a book on how she and her family are facing up to the challenges which end-of-life situations bring. It could have been an emotional ‘watch’ but she was so matter-of-fact and even making her interviewers laugh with her that it was only after the interview that we were left thinking ‘good for you Linda’ – and hoping we could cope in as well if we were ever in a similar situation.

On a happier note – there was a short article in a newspaper recently praising Dunbar as “the best spot in Britain for grand day out”. One of the Surfers does have grandchildren in Dunbar, and has hilarious memories of trying to get a barbecue fire started on the beach, coping with fading light and high winds. But the incoming tide put an end to their efforts on at least one occasion!

But both Surfers like Dunbar and have fond memories of ‘grand days out’ in their childhood days’. There are lots of interesting places to visit and have either a snack or a lunch. On a historical note there is a small museum dedicated to the memory of John Muir who became well known for forestry conservation and establishing National Parks in America.

Another recent newspaper article which caught our interest concerned the effect the ‘discount’ stores are having on the big chains. The likes of Aldi and Lidl would appear to be making inroads on the profit margins of ‘the big four’ supermarkets. Speaking from personal experience the Surfers have found their weekly shop in either Aldi or Lidl makes a difference to the family budget. There is a wide variety of both ‘basics’, as well as fruit and vegetables, and more and more people are taking advantage of the lower prices to make wages and pensions go further.

In a similar vein, it has been reported that a good number of families are turning away from the ‘Big Six’ energy companies in an effort to save money. As winter approaches and heating is turned on (or up), heating and lighting costs are also eating into family budgets. Politicians make suggestions and promises to make these costs more affordable, but it will take people voting with their feet to make any difference. So – check your bills, and shift to another company offering better terms.

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