Surfers’ Round Up: 16th April 2013

Boston Marathon
– From early morning the news bulletins have been full of the two bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon. The latest results seen by the Surfers are three confirmed dead (one an 8-yr-old boy) and over 130 injured. The injuries cover limbs blown off and lots of shrapnel wounds. There are no confirmed reports as to who planted the bombs – if it is confirmed that the explosions were bombs – or of any organisation claiming responsibility.

Whoever or whatever the cause, it has raised awareness of this ongoing threat. Especially with the Funeral tomorrow and the London Marathon on Sunday. Both will – and should – go ahead as planned. There will always be threats of disruption to public events, but life must go on. We must always be confident that security is well planned and the powers-that-be always are well informed.

Hillsborough Disaster
Yesterday was the anniversary of the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster and even years after it is still an ongoing open wound. People set out for an afternoon’s sport enjoyment and never come home.

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