Pauline Cafferkey

Pauline Cafferkey –  The Surfers would like to send their heartfelt congratulations for her recovery from the dreadful Ebola.   She and her family must be so relieved that she has emerged from what must have been a very dark tunnel … Continue

Party Time

Party Time The flames were leaping high The smoke was in the air The shed was nearly up in flames There’s no one there to care, But rescue’s close at hand The sausages not charred The chicken legs are barely … Continue

Bored of the Rings

Bored of the Rings It’s nae fun being a Hobbit No’ wi’ feet like these. It’s nae fun being a Hobbit O pass the Epsoms please. It’s nae fun being a Hobbit A wisnae built tae run. It’s nae fun … Continue

Boxed In

Boxed In I am a little virus Not very nice to know. You’ll find me on the Internet And on Computers —— SO You switch on your Computer And wait with boundless hope Before you rise it closes down – … Continue

We are the Silver Surfers

We are the Silver Surfers We are the Silver Surfers and we come here ever week We do not come for fun and games. It’s knowledge that we seek. The teachers are so helpful and when we ask, they will … Continue