Honey Cake (Ma Broon’s)

One of the Surfers found a copy of “The Broons’ Burns Night” in her local Charity Shop (Lifeline) and tried one of the recipes. This has proved so successful that we have decided to share it! Honey Cake – 250g … Continue

Bowl of Bulbs Trifle

Bowl of Bulbs Trifle 4 Bananas, 1-pt. Custard, 6 small Sponge Cakes, 1-oz Grated Chocolate, 2 tbspns StrawberryJam, the juice of half a lemon and 1 gill of milk. (1 gill = ¼ pint) Method – A bulb bowl should … Continue

Peach Melba

Peach Melba 1 tin of peaches, Vanilla ice-cream and strawberry jam. Method – Put a spoonful of strawberry jam in a small glass dish, then lay half a peach on top of it. Cover with ice-cream then another half peach … Continue

Plum Sponge

Plum Sponge 1 tin of Victoria Plums, Sponge Fingers, 1 pint Lemon Jelly and Whipped Cream. Method – Cut the plums in half and remove stones (if necessary), put in a glass dish and cover with sponge fingers. Dissolve 1 … Continue

Wholemeal Carrot Cake

Wholemeal Carrot Cake 175gms/6 0unces Wholemeal S.R. Flour, 2 slightly rounded tspns. Baking Powder, pinch Salt, One level tsps Cinnamon (optional), 100 grams/4ozs. Grated Carrots, 100 grams/4ozs Margarine, 100 grms. Soft Dark Brown Sugar, Grated zest of half an Orange … Continue

Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake This is an easy recipe for a “Can’t – go – wrong” Fruit Cake. 12ozs. Mixed Fruit (Sainsbury’s does a cheap packet for 67p) 4oz Sugar 4oz Margarine ¼ pint water 1 Egg 8oz S.R.Flour 4oz Glace Cherries … Continue

Tinned Pineapple Fruit Cake

Tinned Pineapple Fruit Cake Here is a delightful Antipodean Fruit Cake. Moist and juicy – no more than is to be expected from the inventors of the Raspberry Pavlova – serves four to six (depending on the size of the … Continue

Fruit Gingerbread

Fruit Gingerbread 4-oz Margarine 2 cups SR Flour 2 Eggs 2 level tspns Mixed Spice 1 good heaped tblspn Treacle 1 cup Sugar 1 cup Sultanas 1 cup water 2 level tspns Baking Soda Method Put all ingredients into a … Continue

Quick-Mix Gingerbread

Quick-Mix Gingerbread 1 level tbspn Ground Ginger 8-oz Wholemeal Flour 1 m level sspn Bicarbonate of Soda 4-oz Light Muscovado Sugar 4-oz Golden Syrup 4-oz Black Treacle 3-fl.ozs Grapeseed or other light oil 2 large Eggs 3 fl-ozs Milk 1-oz … Continue

Malteser Cake

Malteser Cake 4-oz Margarine 1 tblspn Syrup 6-oz Chocolate – melt Add 10-oz crushed Digestive Biscuits plus 6-oz Maltesers. Method Press into tray. Don’t worry if chocolate comes off Maltesers as they will be covered. Cool then cover witrh 7-oz … Continue

Yorkshire Parkin

Yorkshire Parkin 7-oz Flour (we used plain flour) 3-oz Butter/Lard, 3-oz Sugar, 6-oz Fowler’s West Indian Treacle, 4-oz Medium Oatmeal. ½ oz Mixed Spice. Pinch Nutmeg. 1//2 tspnsful Bicarbonate of Soda, 1 tspnful Milk Method Rub butter into flour, add … Continue

Carrot and Coriander Soup

Carrot and Coriander Soup 2oz butter 2 onions sliced 1 tablespoon Ground Coriander 2 pints Chicken Stock Salt & Pepper 1lb Carrots 1oz Lentils 4 tablespoons cream optional Method Melt butter in large saucepan and fry onions & lentils for … Continue

Smoked Sausage Medley

Smoked Sausage Medley 2 Small onions cut in quarters. 1 clove Garlic 1Small Red Pepper 1 Medium Courgette thickly sliced 2oz Button Mushrooms 1 tbsp Cooking Oil 8oz. Smoked Pork Sausage (thickly sliced) 12oz Tomatoes or tin of tomatoes ¼ … Continue

Surfers Shortbread

Surfers Shortbread Arthritic’s Shortbread Ingredients: 9-oz. plain flour 3-oz cornflour 4-oz caster sugar 8-ooz butter; Method: Place butter and sugar in large saucepan, melt, then stir in flour and cornflour. Blend together then spread in swiss roll tin. Mark into … Continue

Spiced Tea loaf

Spiced Tea loaf Ingredients: 1 cup raisins (or mixed fruit) 3/4 cup milk (6fl-ozs) 1 cup sugar (8-ozs) 1/4-Ib. margarine (plus those listed below) Method: Put the above ingredients into a saucepan and bring to the boil. Allow to cool … Continue

Clootie Dumpling

Clootie Dumpling Ingredients: 1-Ib. SR flour 1/2-Ib. shredded suet 1 tsp each of – mixed spice, ground cinnamon, ground ginger. 1/2 tsp. salt 1-ozs sugar 4-ozs each of – currants, raisins, sultanas 1 egg, well beaten 1 tbspn treacle Water/Milk … Continue

Fraser’s Sherry Trifle

Fraser’s Sherry Trifle There are more variations on this dish than there are days in the week but this is the version that goes down well in my family: You will need two jam swiss rolls; a can of mixed … Continue

Banana Walnut Loaf (Madge’s Recipe)

Banana Walnut Loaf (Madge’s Recipe) Ingredients: 9oz Plain Flour, 6oz Castor Sugar, 1/2 teaspoonful Baking Powder, 4oz Butter, 1 teas. Bicarb.of soda, 2 eggs size 2, 1/2 teas.Salt, 1 teas. Vanilla Essence, 2 small Bananas, 2oz chopped Walnuts, 4 halved … Continue

All-Bran Loaf

All-Bran Loaf Ingredients: 1 teacup All-Bran, l teacup Brown Sugar, 1 teacup Sultanas (or chopped dates), 1 teacup Milk. Method: Put the above ingredients in a bowl and leave to stand overnight – or for at least an hour. Then … Continue

Quick ‘n’ Easy Chocolate Cake

Quick ‘n’ Easy Chocolate Cake Ingredients: 6-oz SR Flour, 5.0z Caster Sugar, ½ teaspoon Baking Powder, ½ teaspoon salt, 2 Eggs, 3 tblspns Milk, 1 tblspns Cocoa, 4-oz Soft Margarine, 3-oz Ground Walnuts. Method: Blend the above thoroughly in an … Continue


Tablet 1 Melt a knob of butter then stir in 1lb caster sugar and stir. Add small tin of carnation milk and stir until the mixture begins to thicken. Pour into a buttered tin and leave to set. Tablet 2 Ingredients : … Continue

Two Cream Sponges

Two Cream Sponges  Ingredients : 1 Cup of Self Raising Flour, 1 Cup of Castor Sugar, 3 Eggs, 1 Tablespoon of hot water. Method : Switch eggs for two or three minutes, add one tablespoon of hot water fold together, … Continue


Truffles 8 Digestive biscuits, 2oz butter or margarine. 2 oz syrup, 1 small tin condensed milk. 2 tablespoons of cocoa. Method. Crush biscuits into crumbs. melt butter and syrup, add the other ingredients. Dip in desiccated coconut. roll out to … Continue

Moist Gingerbread

Moist Gingerbread Cooking Time 1 ¼ – 1 ½ hrs. Oven : 170 C, 325F, Gas Mark3 Ingredients: 4oz Margarine 6oz Black Treacle 2oz Golden Syrup ¼ pint of milk 2 large eggs lightly beaten 8oz plain or wholemeal flour … Continue