Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day – Today marks 70 years since the camps were liberated by advance troops of the Russian Army.   A friend who was with a British contingent to liberate Belsen said long afterwards that one of his abiding memories of the place was the absolute silence.   None of the ‘inmates’ spoke, no sounds of birdsong – just an eerie silence.

Some years ago this Surfer was able to visit Yad Voschem, the Museum commemorating the Holocaust, in Jerusalem.   That too was an unnerving experience and one which will never be forgotten.   Apart from the dreadful exhibits there was the thought that human beings had committed these atrocities against their fellow humans.   For me, the worst part was the section commemorating the children killed.   A completely dark and massive hall, no lights at all, just small spotlights blinking in the high ceiling, and guide rails against the walls to guide people around.   And all the time a male and female voice kept repeating the name and age of a boy or a girl who had been killed during those dreadful times.

I don’t think there was a dry eye among the people going round inside once they were outside in the daylight and fresh air.   I know I was sobbing and my face was wet.

Today it is a dreadful reflection against the world we live in that these massacres are still going on round the world – and people still making excuses for such things still taking place.

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