HMS Edinburgh – Surfers Say Farewell!

The Surfers, Madge and Margaret, together with Pol and Jenny of ACE IT went to Leith Docks to bid what on occasion was a wee bit of a tearful farewell to ‘our’ ship, HMS Edinburgh.

The weather was good and we had a super vantage point from the balcony of one of the restaurants as we watched the ship leave Edinburgh for the last time.

She was manoeuvred from the basin into the river by two tugs and they took time and care to get her into the channel to await the tide.

It was great to be there and see her leave but it was also a bit sad knowing it was the last time we would see her. We all wish her and all the crew the very best for their future in the navy.

We have been told today that there is now an e-petition to try and keep the Edinburgh as a floating museum, We encourage as many people as possible to sign this petition which is available via the special online gallery we have created in tribute to HMS Edinburgh and her crew past and present called “The Leaving O’ Leith”

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