Green Man/Pedestrian Crossings

A brief report in a recent newspaper suggested that the timing of the Green Man on Pedestrian Crossings was to be increased by all of – wait for it – three seconds!

The Surfers have been a bit annoyed that we seldom get more than halfway on these crossings before the Red Man appears. Apparently the ‘official walking speed’ (which was set in the 1950s) is four seconds with a ‘flashing time’ of a further six seconds.

Now the Surfers who are well past the first flush of youth, but still consider themselves as reasonably active, certainly do not walk at the ‘official’ speed of 1.2 metres/second

Quite often we feel pressured by impatient motorists who just want two Golden Oldies out of the way – or much worse just go racing through a red light and we have to get out of their way.   So we are in full support of extending the timing and look forward to it coming into effect.

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