Flight MH17 – Ukrainian Plane Crash

Flight MH17 –There are no words to express the horror, and pity, felt world-wide at the catastrophic crash of the Malaysian flight last Thursday. 298 passengers and crew, from around the world were killed and only now are the bodies of the victims being transported to Holland – after nearly five days lying in an open field in sweltering heat.

Everyone wants to find a cause for this disaster, point the finger of blame at someone, but it would seem there is an obvious lack of co-operation on the ground. Official observers and investigators are still being denied access.

There are reports of the bodies being looted and items sold in local markets. The black boxes have now been ‘officially’ found and handed over to the investigation team, but now there appears to be further evidence that plane wreckage has been cut up and removed to other positions. Through all these tragic circumstances Russia appears to be pulling the strings of the rebellious East Ukranians.

It is tragic that bereaved families are being kept in suspense and delays incurred which may alter the outcome of the investigations. At least families can look forward to receiving the bodies of their loved ones now en route to Holland for forensic examination, the funerals and ‘closure’ – if that is ever possible.

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