Bowl of Bulbs Trifle

Bowl of Bulbs Trifle
4 Bananas,
1-pt. Custard,
6 small Sponge Cakes,
1-oz Grated Chocolate,
2 tbspns StrawberryJam,
the juice of half a lemon and
1 gill of milk. (1 gill = ¼ pint)

Method –
A bulb bowl should be used to hold this sweet which is intended to imitate a bowl of growing bulbs, and is suitable for children’s parties. Spread the sponge cakes with strawberry jam and cut in convenient pieces. Lay these together with two sliced bananas in the bowl, squeezing over each layer a little lemon juice. Heat one gill of milk, and soak the sponge cakes and bananas with this. Pour over the custard. When quite cold sprinkle with grated chocolate and arrange half bananas upright to represent sprouting bulbs.

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