A Most Curious Detour

Joyce Armstrong, A Moose in the Hoose volunteer is trying to raise the profile
and fundraise for this worthy forthcoming play at the Netherbow Theatre.

A Most Curious Detour

From the book by Stuart Hepburn and adapted by Alistair Rutherford.

The story of one man’s life experiences
before, during and after the onset of stroke

Having survived a brain stem stroke
Stuart lives with locked-in syndrome

The play chronicles his life from the early years in India where he lived
the life of a yogic monk, gaining a great interest in meditation, through
to his hospitalisation and the inevitable life changes.

A Most Curious Detour
Netherbow Theatre, Royal Mile, Edinburgh
Date: Saturday 2 June at 7:00pm.
Type: Special Event

The Stroke Association

The Netherbow Theatre

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