2nd World War Reminiscences

The Surfers have been watching with interest the ‘Time Team’ programmes unearthing buildings from the Second World War – bringing back so many memories. We were children at that time and recall back-green shelters, gas masks, and air-raid sirens. And rationing!!!

Most nights when preparing for bed, we had warmer clothes and favourite toys at the ready in case the sirens sounded. On one occasion one Surfer remembers standing in the back garden watching a ‘dog-fight’ taking place over the Leith area. The children thought it was so exciting, but the adults were too aware that someone would be killed.

Dads who were not on active service were usually in the Home Guard and always made fun of the training they had to do – just in case.

But there has been no mention so far of awards or commendations for the Home Guard – or the Land Army – who did really good unsung work during the war. The Land Army were there to protect us and the girls of the Land Army kept the population fed!

One memory borrows another! This surfer remembers as a child during the war the local distillery was bombed. I remember my father getting a bottle – even a milk bottle – and joining the other men in the rush before the Fire Brigade came, to get his bottle filled. This was a dangerous job as the whisky was very inflammable. The German Plane was getting rid of the bomb to get away quicker.

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